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Our Story


Little Peoples' Boutique™ launched in 2020 with one simple goal in mind: To offer a finely curated collection of baby and children’s clothing and accessories sure to please parents and children alike.

We specialize in custom party clothing for children and their families, over-the-top tutus, bows, and shirts that make a statement and impress guests of all ages. Little Peoples’ Boutique offers monogramming using machine embroidery, heat transfer vinyl, and various prints to personalize apparel and other keepsakes. We seek to serve the entire family from newborn to adult but love to create for children. In the south, we love our oversized hair bows and monogrammed items, but I plan to branch out and gain exposure all over the US. Our business started when my oldest daughter was preparing for her 8th-grade trip to D.C. I started making hair bows to raise funds to cover the travel costs, but this eventually became larger than I could have ever imagined. I started implementing tutus, vinyl shirts, and eventually machine embroidery. My love for crafting and sewing quickly turned into a small business. 

Little Peoples' Boutique™ collection specializes in items of superior quality and design from regional, national and global brands. With this vision in mind, we select each piece for the boutique and source ethically produced products.

We are the producers of tip-top children's clothing articles, conveying flawless plans and unmatched quality.

Little Peoples' Boutique looks to provide its customers with clothing for all those occasions. We want to be there for your child's special moments, whether birthdays, holiday parties, vacations, or family gatherings.


At Little Peoples' Boutique, little people are a big deal!

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